Cost & Fees

How Are We Remunerated?

Advice Plus Limited may receive commissions from the insurance providers on whose policies we give advice if you decide to take out insurance. The amount of the commission is based on the premium you pay.

To ensure that our financial advisers prioritise our clients’ interests above their own, we follow a unique advice process that ensures our recommendations are based on our clients’ individual needs and circumstances. We further manage possible conflicts of interest by having access to, and presenting options from a full range of product providers. We also undergo training about how to manage conflicts of interest and undertake a periodic compliance audit and review of our compliance programme.

As a member of The Adviser Platform (TAP), we have access to a CRM system which is discounted due to partial funding provided by some insurers directly to the CRM platform provider.

From time to time we could participate in, or attend events organised by an Insurance Provider, or be rewarded for business we provide to them. This may include tickets to events, hampers or other incentives.


By the time Advice Plus has presented our report and recommendations to you, we will have invested approximately 7 – 10 hours of our time in ensuring you have been provided with comprehensive advice. Following notification that we have completed our report, we believe 25 working days is a reasonable expectation to present the report to you, allow you time to review the recommendations and finalise the implementation plan.

In the event this timeframe is exceeded, Advice Plus at their sole discretion, retains the right to charge an administration fee of $500 (plus GST).

Where the above mentioned remuneration options are not available, we may charge an hourly rate for providing financial advice. This will be clearly discussed with you prior to offering advice, should it be necessary.