1. What is Group Medical?

• A Scheme provided by the employer, on a voluntary or subsidised basis, to cover medical conditions for employees
• Coverage options available are :
– Surgical
– Specialist & tests
– GP
– Dental & Optical

2. How does it benefit the business owner & my employees?

• Reduce absenteeism and pre-absenteeism and maximise the chance of a timely return to work
• Ensures employees have assistance through private & timely treatment, at a time when their productivity to the
company is affected
• Group Cover can also provide Automatic Acceptance Levels (AAL’s) which cover employees for pre-existing conditions that they might not otherwise be protected against through personal insurance cover
• Provides cover to an employee who may not have taken it on their own
• Perceived value by employees can be higher than actual cost of cover
• Helps attract and/or retain staff
• Positive contribution to the workplace culture

3. How many people do I need?

Subsidised Medical Scheme
To establish a Subsidised Medical Scheme, you need a minimum of between 5 -15 employees.
Upon entry, you may qualify for a discount off the standard premium pricing, and once you have 15 employees enrolled in the scheme, further concessions, such as cover for qualifying pre-existing medical conditions for your employees, may apply (Please note limitations, exclusions or conditions may be applicable, dependant on unique business/industry circumstances).

Voluntary Medical Scheme – Southern Cross only
To establish a Voluntary Medical Scheme through Southern Cross Health, you need a minimum of 10 employees in the scheme. A premium discount is offered off the standard premium rate for enrolled employees.