1. What are employee benefits?

• A benefit offered to selected group of employees based on an agreed formula, ie multiple of salary or a set amount
• Coverage options available are:
– Life Cover
– Income Protection Cover
– Critical Condition/Trauma
– Total & Permanent Disability Cover

2. How does it benefit the business owner & my employees?

• Group cover is a great way to provide your employees with Automatic Acceptance Levels (AAL’s) for pre-existing conditions, and in some circumstances this might be the only insurance an employee can access
• Allowing you as an employer to provide staff with valuable financial assistance at one of the most distressing
times of their lives
• Employee Risk Benefits provide cover for your employees who may not have taken it on their own.
• Perceived value by employees can be higher than actual cost of cover
• Helps attract and/or retain staff
• Positive contribution to the workplace culture

3. How many people do I need?

• To implement a Group Risk Policy, you will require a minimum of 10 employees